Einladung zum CorrelAid Workshop „Data Visualization with R“ am 12.07.2022

Einladung zum CorrelAid Workshop „Data Visualization with R“ am 12.07.2022

Have you ever struggled to create meaningful and fancy graphs for your presentations, research papers or theses? Or are you attending the course ‘Data Analysis with R’ and want to dive deeper into the manifold possibilities of data visualization offered by R? Then you should check out our introductory workshop on data visualization with R on 12 July at University of Konstanz!

You can register via the following link: https://ee.correlaid.org/x/rC1zbkcU

Throughout the course we will use the ggplot2 package to create ever more sophisticated graphs. Using data on the Chinese government’s global development finance activities, you will learn about different types of plots and customizations so that you are fully equipped to create visualizations for the data of your choosing! The workshop will combine short introductions into the mechanics of ggplot2 with assisted hands-on elements. The detailed program and the link to the materials for the workshop can be found on our website (https://correlaid.github.io/correlaidx-kn-education/).

As a prerequisite, you should have installed R and R Studio (a tutorial can be found  here: https://rstudio-education.github.io/hopr/starting.html) and be familiar with the structure of R Studio. Preferably, you should also have basic knowledge of data analysis with R and the tidyverse package family.

Some further information about us: CorrelAid is a non-profit organization that runs data4good projects together with other non-profits. Beyond, we are committed to bringing the topic of data closer to the general public through educational offers such as workshops. If we have attracted your interest, feel free to check out our website (https://correlaid.org/correlaid-x/konstanz/)!

We are looking forward to your registration and wish you a great week!
CorrelAidX Konstanz Education Team
Valentin Geier & Zoé Wolter


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